Bio-cleaning Service

Keeping your office or home clean, safe and healthy, with bio-fogging deep cleaning services

Because WE CARE

W&A Cleaning Ltd. provides both bio-fogging and disinfecting cleaning services – especially for those hard to reach areas in the home and workplace that prove impossible to reach with traditional cleaning techniques.

  • Are you in an EMERGENCY where you know there is contamination?
  • Are you in a PREVENTION situation where you want your commercial premises treatedto ensure both customers and staff are protected from illness?
  • Are you in a STARTING FRESH situation where you want your home premises to be cleansed as part of a yearly spring clean?

Bio-fogging may be the answer!

What is bio-fogging?

Bio-fogging is a modern solution for infection control. Have you seen our video on how Bio-fogging works? The process emits very fine droplets of chemicals into the air as a dry mist. This mist is a deep cleaning process that sterilises all surfaces it touches, killing all known micro-organisms such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, and spores. And because it is sprayed into the air as a mist, it stays long enough to sanitise it too!

Bio-fogging will bring many advantages

• Bio-fogging reaches parts of a room that would not otherwise be reached with the traditional spray and wipe technique. It also protects surface that may usually be destroyed using the spray and wipe technique

• As a result of modern equipment, techniques and chemicals, bio-fogging is considered to be the most cost-effective method of controlling micro-organisms within an environment

• Because bio-fogging destroys all known micro-organisms and does not simply make them inactive, the risk of cross contamination is easily avoided.

• It is a safe technique and you are not at risk. And as long as we use the proper PPE, we are not at risk either.

Who should use bio-fogging?


If you are concerned with the wellbeing of your employees and would like to reduce the number of sick days caused by office shared illnesses, bio-fogging on a yearly basis (alongside ongoing and regular sanitisation techniques) will help you work towards a happier, healthier workforce.

At home

If you are concerned about ensuring your home is free from scary micro-bacteria, let us help. Perhaps someone in your home has been seriously ill and you want peace of mind that their infection will not spread to the rest of your family.Speak to us. Let us Help. WE CARE.

Bio-fogging is so safe it is used in:

* Hospitals and NHS facilities
* Care homes
* Schools
* Hotels
* Public Transport
* Offices
* Your home